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2D Skills for a 3D World
By Charlie Bonifacio
To survive in the digital production world, seasoned talent and students are rushing to fill chairs behind the terminals.

2004 Year in Review
By Jeff Boman, Noell Wolfgram Evans, Fred Patten, Brett Rogers and Emru Townsend
What were the most interesting animated productions of the year?

2005 Year in Review
By Armen Boudjikanian, Noell Wolfgram Evans, Mark Mayerson and Emru Townsend
There was a lot to see and a lot to talk about in animation in 2005. We asked our contributors to tell us what they thought were the most interesting trends of the year.

2006 Year in Review
By Armen Boudjikanian, Patrick Drazen, Bob Miller, Emru Townsend and René Walling
It wasn't hard to decide on the subject of our look back at 2006; almost from the beginning, observers were commenting on the number of features being produced in North America, and the biggest news in January concerned the union of the old and new titans of American feature animation, Disney and Pixar.

All Animation's a Stage
By J. Walt Adamczyk
Animation is, by definition, a time-consuming endeavour that, unlike live-action, can never be executed in real time. Or is it?

The Animation Echo Chamber
By Emru Townsend
If we want to foster more respect for the animated film, and thereby allow for a broader diversity in storytelling and subject matter, we have to demand a change in the conversation.

Animation Is People
By Tamu Townsend
Animation has always been about people, and everyone has their role to play.

Anime From A to D
By Shuzo John Shiota
The progression from analog to digital tools raises questions about the future of anime.

Annual Festivals: Opening More Doors or Complicating Things?
By André R. Coutu
As animation has become more plentiful, the festivals that showcase it have increased in frequency. Is this a good thing?

Ask Not What Your Festival Can Do For You
By Emru Townsend
Ask what you can do for your festival.

Cartoons, Copyright and Culture
By Emru Townsend
Part 1: What's Legal
Part 2: What's Ethical
Part 3: What's Culturally Beneficial
What's Convenient

The End of Justice League
By Emru Townsend
The Justice League series is over and done with. And frankly, it's not a moment too soon.

The Essence of Anime
By Carl Gustav Horn
The answer is simple—it's Japanese animation.
Fixing Animation Journalism
By Emru Townsend
Why so much mainstream animation journalism is crap, and what we can do about it.

Is There an Animation Industry?
By Mark Mayerson
It's common for those who work in animation and those who are fans to refer to the animation industry. But while we think that there is an animation industry, there really isn't.

A Little Birdie Told Me: The Return of Thelma Scumm
By Michael A. Ventrella
A cautionary note to studios that want to cash in on animation.

A Little Birdie Told Me: The Numbers Game
By Michael A. Ventrella
Finding Nemo is the highest-grossing animated feature ever. Or is it?

More Than a Cursory Glance
By Jeremy Schwartz
Anime has received increased attention among film scholars and academics, but there's a critical flaw in the focus: why is it mostly about movies?

Pride and Prejudice
By Terrence Briggs
How does broadcast animation tackle issues like racial pride?

Space Cowboys
By Emru Townsend
Cowboy Bebop's "Wild Horses" episode is the perfect tribute to the Columbia's crew.

The Theft of the Thief
By Harry McCracken
Not many artists have the vision—or the endurance—to labor on a dream project for the better part of three decades.

Top 5 Animated Car Chases and Races
By Emru Townsend
When I watched Cars a few weeks ago I naturally thought of Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch, its conceptual precursor. I also wondered, what were some of the best car race/car chase scenes I'd ever seen in animation?

Top 5 DVDs I'd Like to See Released
By Emru Townsend
I was recently thinking about what titles would have to come out before I finally broke down and bought a high-definition DVD player, when it occurred to me that there were a number of significant titles that haven't even been released on plain old DVD as yet.
By Harry McCracken
Not many artists have the vision—or the endurance—to labor on a dream project for the better part of three decades.

Oscar Watch
Oscars 2003

The Alien Has Landed
By Arin Murphy
The successful use of SF in a Disney feature points to new possibilities.

New York Animation Thaws Yet Again
By Mark Mayerson
The animation industry has largely left New York for the west coast, but it's still alive and kicking.

Oscar and the Grouch
By Emru Townsend
Why the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar matters.

The Personal Touch
By Emru Townsend
Treasure Planet hints at the best possible future for Disney films.

The Spirit Within
By Emru Townsend
The wrongheaded use of computers in animation.

Spirited Away by Miyazaki
By Marc Hairston
The hopes and dreams of anime fans are represented by Miyazaki's latest film.

Oscars 2004

The Bear Trap
By Emru Townsend
Brother Bear could well be Disney Feature Animation's last hurrah. It didn't have to be that way.

The Fins of the Father
By Emru Townsend
Finding Nemo is ununusal in that it depicts a healthy father-son bond.

If Animators Were In Charge, Triplets of Belleville Would Win Every Oscar There Is
By Luke Jaeger
Unlike so much other feature-length animation, Triplets of Belleville is utterly uncompromising.

Reporting from the Sidelines
By Emru Townsend
One sure sign of outsider status is that certain events take on an exaggerated significance.
Oscars 2005

Green Ogre and Guilt
By Alia Quart Khan
Like Shrek 2, more films and television shows are cluing in to the market of cinema-savvy viewers, but a delicate balance needs to be struck.

Something Fishy
By Emru Townsend
I will confess outright that I have not seen Shark Tale. But then, I didn't need to. And really, that's the problem.

That Question Again
By Luke Jaeger
Animators hear That Question far too much, and we largely have Pixar to thank.

Still in the Ghetto
By Terrence Briggs
The Academy's exceedingly low standards for animated films once again turn the category into a joke.

Oscars 2006

It's Time to Demote Disney
By Emru Townsend
Why do we—fans, writers, animators—continue to look to Disney as the bellwether of feature animation? It's not like they've earned that status recently.

Moving Howl to America
By Marc Hairston
To fully understand the ironic position Howl's Moving Castle finds itself in at this year's Academy Awards, you have to go back to the 2003 Academy Awards.

Oscars 2007

Animation Superstars
By Terrence Briggs
Defending the nominees for Best Animated Feature Film isn't as hard this year. All three nominees feature accomplishments that outweigh their most glaring flaws.
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