Articles marked with a are from the original print run of fps and are located on an external website.
Anime, Mon Amour
By Emru Townsend
The joy and mystery of discovering anime.

Animation Punks
By Emru Townsend
What Johnny Rotten and Walt Disney have in common.

Anime's Big Picture
By Emru Townsend
The further perils of trying to define anime.

The Best of the Fests
By Emru Townsend
Making the case for festival coverage.

Cartoon Carnality
By Emru Townsend
Despite all the talk about the increase in adult animation, particularly on television, it's actually all very childish.

Here We Go Again
By Emru Townsend
A look back on the early days of fps.
The Hunchback of Notre Disney
By Emru Townsend
A movie that can't decide if it's for kids or adults.

A Need to Know
By Emru Townsend
Learn a thing or two from some new features on the website and in the magazine.

The Return of fps
By Emru Townsend
fps's new life as a website is entirely in keeping with its history.

Same As It Ever Was
By Emru Townsend
Much has changed in computer animation, but some things remain the same.
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