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All the Moos That's Fit to Print
By Bob Miller
The Barnyard press junket experience.

Animation Festival 101
By Patrick Smith
What makes the animation festival unique?

Animation in the Middle Kingdom
By Noel Vera
A look at exemplars from sixty-plus years of Chinese animation.

Animation's Dirty Little Secret?
By David Thrasher
Rotoscoping, when used as a learning tool, can enhance traditional freehand animation.

Anime Iconography
By Jeff Boman and Jennifer Wand
Decoding Japanese animation's visual shortcuts.

The Anime Lexicon
By Jennifer Wand, Marc Hairston and Emru Townsend
This guide will help you make sense of what you read and hear about anime.

The Anime Primer
By Jennifer Wand
Here's a starter guide to Japan's most prominent cultural export.

Barnyard: Anatomy of a Junket
Photographs by Bob Miller
Photos from the Barnyard press junket and movie premiere.

Bewitched by Magical Girls
By Melissa Johnson
Like "giant robot," "magical girl" is a genre description that gets right to the point. But where did the genre begin, and why is it so popular?

A Boy and His Robot
By Emru Townsend
The apex of the OAV format was arguably reached by one title in 1992: Giant Robo.

A Brief and Personal Reminiscence
By Richard Pini
The trials and tribulations of making an ElfQuest animated series.

Clerks: The Animated Series
By Marc Elias
Appropriate for this self-aware, post-modern age, Kevin Smith and his team are well-versed in the conventions that make up our culture's narratives.

The Coolest Thing Right Now
By Shuzo John Shiota
Seeing through the anime hype.

Dream On Silly Dreamer
By Jake Friedman
Director Dan Lund and producer Tony West tell how the controversial documentary came to be.

The Hip List: Essential Anime
Twelve of our contributors list what they consider to be essential anime.

The Hip List: Sexiest Characters in Animation
Who are animation's sexiest characters? Six of our contributors weigh in.

Flipping Pages: Learning Animation Through Books
By René Walling
A primer on the best way to learn animation through books.

By Emru Townsend
Walt Disney Television Animation boldly goes into action/adventure.

Hey, Aren't They Related?
By Madeline Ashby
Incest can be depicted in anime as a violation, or a sharing, or something too ambiguous to firmly categorize.

Spotlight: George Davis
By Noell Wolfgram Evans
George Davis picked an odd time to get into animation.

Girl on Boys on Boys
By Cynthia Ward
Why women like yaoi and shounen ai anime.

Growing Pains
By Mark Mayerson
One of Canada's premier animation institutions is evolving, but there are some rough patches.

How Swede It Is
By Gunnar Strøm
A tour of Scandinavian documentary animation.

How to Submit Your Film to Festivals
By André R. Coutu
If you're new to the film festival world, the entry process can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. These steps will help simplify the process.

Improving Your Animation in Five Easy Lessons
By William Joel
Are you making your own animation? Here are five pointers that can make all the difference.

An Introduction to Hentai
By Jonathan Moy
In the West, the Japanese word "hentai" has been adapted to refer to sexually explicit anime or manga—essentially, Japanese animated pornography.

J.R. Bray: Documentarian?
By Noell Wolfgram Evans
The case for the animation pioneer as one of the first documentary animation producers.

Korean Animation: A Fairy Tale Come True
By John A. Lent
Korea has been an important animation country for more than 30 years, mainly as an overseas producer for North American, European, and Japanese studios. Now it's coming into its own.
Last Exile Takes Flight
By Cynthia Ward
Last Exile earns its place in the science-fiction pantheon by trying—and succeeding—to engage our sense of wonder.

Liller Møller's Sex Trilogy
By Gunnar Strøm
The sex trilogy made by Danish animator Liller Møller in the late 1980s has legendary status thanks to its wide use in schools and libraries.

Love Hina: An Appreciation
By Marc Elias
Ken Akamatsu has woven an engaging, melodramatic fantasy of love and adventure.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
By Emru Townsend
Eventually, it turns out that Abenobashi is really just about being twelve years old. But what's striking is how developed Gainax's vision of twelve-year-olds is.

Marcy Page in Paradise
By Janeann Dill
To speak with Marcy Page about her role as producer at the National Film Board of Canada is to hear a voice full of exuberance and enthusiasm on its behalf.

Megazone 23
By Emru Townsend
Released in 1985, Megazone 23 is remarkable in that it is utterly immersed in its era.

Once Upon a Time Walt Disney
Photographs by Emru Townsend and Roy Patrick Disney
Photos from the opening of the Once Upon a Time Walt Disney exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Open House: Asking the Teachers
By Armen Boudjikanian
Whether you want to start your career in animation or effects, are thinking of having a career change, or are just interested in how it's done, this just might be your first class.

The Paperless Studio: Paperless 101
By Mike Caputo
Are we ready for the paperless studio?

The Reigning First Lady of Indie-Studio Animation
By Jake Friedman
Candy Kugel has climbed the ladder of the independent animation studio since the tumultuous '70s.

Rock & Rule
By Emru Townsend
The life and times of a Canadian cult classic.

By Emru Townsend
Nickelodeon's toon tots are ready to take over the world, one playground at a time.

The Secret Garden of Ray Harryhausen
By Erik Goulet
Ray Harryhausen is a master of stop-motion puppet animation. Most people are familiar with the likes of the Hydra or the skeleton fight scene from Jason and the Argonauts, but what happened during the early years of his life?

Sifting Through Layers of Illusion
By Armen Boudjikanian
What, really, is 2D animation? And how does the 2D/3D animation debate affect the many other kinds of animation that exist?

Sita Sings the Blues
Words by Emru Townsend
A look at Nina Paley's Flash feature in the making.

Tekkonkinkreet Photo Gallery
Explore Tekkonkinkreet through images of its characters, and especially of its locale, the weird and wondrous Treasure Town.

Ten Steps to Surviving Film Festivals
Words by Emru Townsend
Here's how to make your first festival experience one to remember for all the right reasons.

The Truth in Pictures
By Sheila Sofian
Exploring the multifaceted world of documentary animation.

What Is Anime?
By Emru Townsend
Examining the question that has dogged the form for decades.

Who Needs Film?
By Ruth Hayes
The fine points of making your own animation toys.

Why Tentacles?
By Jonathan Moy
A brief explanation of hentai's erotic horror subgenre.
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