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Animation Innovator: Mike Johnson
Photographs by Marc-André Bouvier-Pelletier, Juan Pablo di Lelle, Mark Miller, Charles Mohapel and Emru Townsend
The animation co-director of Corpse Bride wows Montreal not once, but twice.

Animation Innovator: Ray Harryhausen
Photographs by Jerry Scott, Charles Mohapel, Emru Townsend and René Walling
The stop-motion legend visits Montreal.

Anime North 2007: A Review
By Madeline Ashby
Convention goers made the most of the weekend with plenty of cosplay, hours of video, and panels that stretched long into the night.

Big Apple Anime Festival 2003
By Amy Harlib
The BAAF offers convention-type events dealing with every aspect of the anime and manga business, creation and fandom.

Fantasia International Film Festival 2004
By Emru Townsend
Fantasia has always had a strong animation component, and this year did not disappoint.

The Magic of I Castelli Animati
By Pierre Floquet
What do you get when you combine an Italian village, crater lakes, film screenings, and animation masters from around the world?

Japan Media Arts Festival 2005
By Emru Townsend
Sampling the Japan Media Arts Festival screenings at SIGGRAPH.

Otakon 2004
By Brett D. Rogers
For evidence of anime's ever-strengthening hold on North American popular culture, look no further than Otakon.

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2005
Photographs by Ward Jenkins, Sheila Sofian, Emru Townsend, Tamu Townsend and René Walling
How well did the Ottawa festival do in its first annual iteration? Pretty darned well, actually.

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006
By Emru Townsend and Tamu Townsend
Internet Competition
Book of the Dead
The Television Animation Conference, Part 1
Lightning Doodle Project [pikapika]
The Television Animation Conference, Part 2

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006 Photogallery
Photographs by Joseph Chen, Powys Dewhurst, Shohei Shiozaki, Emru Townsend, Tamu Townsend and Tamu Townsend; Text By Emru Townsend
If there were any doubts that the Ottawa International Animation Festival could sustain its level of excellence, they were erased this year.

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation
By Mike Caputo
The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is hosting a show dedicated not just to animation, but to Pixar itself.
By Emru Townsend
Animation makes up a huge part of SIGGRAPH, with artists and gearheads commingling to show off and discuss the art and technology of the moving image.

SIGGRAPH 2005: Immersed in Domes, Falling Bodies and Stereo Vision: Where's the Gravity?
By Janeann Dill
The many expressions of the animated state of the art at SIGGRAPH 2005 exhilarate and frustrate.

SIGGRAPH 2005: We'll Always Have Tokyo
By Emru Townsend
Sampling the Japan Media Arts Festival screenings at SIGGRAPH.

By Armen Boudjikanian, André Coutu and Emru Townsend
Monday Morning Lecture
The Making of Open Season
Getting Your Foot in the Door
Japan Media Arts Festival 2005
Getting Your Post Right
Animation Theater
Get Your Shishigami On

SIGGRAPH 2006: Robots, Biomechanical Snails and Other Classic CG Characters
By Armen Boudjikanian and André Coutu
There was a high level of brilliance in this year's Computer Animation Festival and it was mostly found in the shorts that were able to stay away from photogenic temptations.

We, the Jury
By Emru Townsend
An inside look at the making of a film festival program.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005
Photographs by Steven Chu
Anime spills over into reality on the TAF exhibition floor.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2006
Photographs by Steven Chu and Chihiro Yoshida
Astro Boy is all grown up.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007
Photographs by Kenji Ishimaru
A bonanza of old and new anime was on offer at the 2007 TAF.

Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema 2005
By Matt Forsythe
Friday Round-Up
WFAC Saturday: Fragile Machine
WFAC Update: Mind Game
Michael Nguyen at the Waterloo Animation Festival

When Fandom and Academia Collide
By Madeline Ashby
The International Conference on Asian Comics, Animation and Gaming (ACAG) aimed to bring together scholars, students and industry professionals to present papers on manga, anime, games, and issues pertaining thereto.
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