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Shane Acker
By Emru Townsend
Here's the paradox: While it seems obvious that Shane Acker was born to animate, he's casually mentioned that he fell into animation almost by accident.

Tony Apodaca and Flip Phillips
By Emru Townsend
On the set of Tin Toy and other Pixar shorts.

Michael Arias
By Emru Townsend and Tamu Townsend
The director of Tekkonkinkreet speaks his mind on his movie, anime distribution and why he prefers dubs to subtitles.

Ralph Bakshi
By Emru Townsend
The maverick animator on Wizards, Lord of the Rings, and why he hates rotoscope.

Eight Questions for Style5's Sam Chou
By Emru Townsend
We're still picking our jaws up off the floor a month after checking out the website for Style5, a new Toronto-based studio that's all about applying bolder, contemporary illustrative style to animation.

Peter Chung
By Emru Townsend
Æon Flux was beyond the standard labels of cop, secret agent, or vigilante: She was a force of nature.

Gabor Csupo
By Emru Townsend
From Hungary's Pannónia to The Simpsons and Rugrats, Gabor Csupo has kept himself busy.

Eric Darnell and Michael Collery
By Emru Townsend
Making the technical and artistic work together.

Keith David & Greg Weisman
By Emru Townsend
Gargoyles' Goliath carries a tune.

Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby
By Lois Siegel
When the Day Breaks won the Palme d'Or in the Short Film category at Cannes in 1999. And that was just the beginning.

Marvin Gleicher
By Emru Townsend
Manga Entertainment's head honcho talks about his origins.

Eric Goldberg
By Noell Wolfgram Evans
Eric Goldberg is the happy man of animation.

Lenora Hume
By Emru Townsend
Rock & Rule's director of photography reminisces about the work that went into its look.

Arlene Klasky
By Emru Townsend
On birthing cartoon babies.

Mike Johnson
By Mark Osborne
Speaking with the animation co-director of Corpse Bride.

Adam Parrish King in Conversation
By Jason Vanderhill
The resurgence of the art of stop-motion seems to show no sign of abatement, as Adam Parrish King's The Wraith of Cobble Hill garners acclaim and festival awards.

Gene Lee
By Armen Boudjikanian
Gene S. Lee is a senior software engineer at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Craig McCracken
By Emru Townsend
On stupid dogs and powerful girls.
Open House: Asking the Teachers
By Armen Boudjikanian
Class is in session, and we ask five questions of five teachers.

Rock & Rule, Part 1
By Emru Townsend
A dozen of Rock & Rule's creators reminisce about what it was like to work on one of Canada's first feature animated films.

Rock & Rule, Part 2
By Emru Townsend
Continuing our exclusive interview with the creators of Rock & Rule, in which we hear about stale food, Mick Jagger's agent, and when things started to fall apart.

Tom Sito
By Emru Townsend
Looking back on the leaner times making Rock & Rule.

Clive Smith
By Emru Townsend
The rise and fall of Rock & Rule.

David Sproxton
By Emru Townsend
Founded in the 1970's by David Sproxton and Peter Lord, the Aardman studio seems to attract some of the best and the brightest in dimensional animation.

Eiko Tanaka
By Kenji Ishimaru
Studio 4°C president and CEO Eiko Tanaka talks about the studio and their latest film, Genius Party.

Mairi Welman
By Gord Wilson
With four CGI series slated to air in the US, Vancouver's Mainframe Entertainment gains southern exposure.

Tadeusz Wilkosz
By Jason Vanderhill
Tracing the career of the Polish animator who has charmed the children of the world.

Catherine Winder
By Emru Townsend
Coordinating overseas animation production is the backbone of modern American television animation. Catherine Winder has been there, done that.

Jason Wishnow
By Emru Townsend
Exploring the making of the stop-motion veggie-fest Oedipus the Movie.

Masaaki Yuasa
By Emru Townsend
The first-time director talks about Mind Game and his inspiration to start a career in animation.
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