March 19, 2005
Susan Wloszczyna quotes Robin Williams in yesterday's USA Today, on what he's watching: "Ghost in the Shell 2--Japanese anime. Ghost in the Shell was very good. The sequel was longer, rather convoluted but very good. They are cartoons for adults, science fiction with cyberpunk."

This isn't the first time Williams has sung the praises of high-falutin' anime. In an interview with Jules Feiffer in Civilization back in 1998, he was all over Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Princess Mononoke.

It's also interesting to note that the quote came about presumably because of William's currency as a voice in Robots. Like Brad Bird, he's using his time in the spotlight for mainstream American animation to stump for different styles of animated storytelling that aren't necessarily kid-focused. Keep it up, guys.

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