October 28, 2005
Emru is busy recovering from Wednesday's Animation Innovator presentation with Mike Johnson. If you were there, thanks for attending. It really can't happen without you.

While I'm holding down the fort, I'd like to highlight some incredible animation events gracing Montreal this weekend. It is a beautiful thing, and I want to share it with everyone. If you love animation, this is the place to be for the Hallowe'en weekend.

Today is the International Day of Animated Film. Rejoice!

Friday at la Cinemathèque Québecoise

A full day of programming for the International Day of Animated Film
  • 1:30 p.m. Master Class with pin-screen animator Jacques Drouin.
  • 5: 00 p.m. DVD Launch of Embarquement immédiat (that's French for All Aboard) at the Café-Bar at the Cinémathèque, with the directors present, including Nicolas Brault, Michèle Cournoyer, Jacques Drouin, Masoud Raouf and Craig Welch.
  • 6:30 p.m. Screening of the animation films of Embarquement immédiat in the presence of the directors, who have a special surprise at the end of the screening.
  • While you're there, pick up a copy of Winsor McCay: The Master Edition for your collection and help keep the Cinemathèque funded and financially well-loved.

Saturday at le Cinema du Parc

If you were lucky enough to see DJ XL5's great selection of short films from around the world at this year's edition of the Fantasia International Genre Film Festival, you know you'll want to review it again to better commit it to memory. Here's you chance to review or watch more than 30 short features and commercials, including lots of animation, as well as dozens of sampled images, selected by DJ XL5 from around the globe—Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Japan, Mexico and USA. DJ XL5 will create the ultimate mash-up for the senses. (All for $7! - That's just ridiculous.)

Catch it again on Wednesday November 2nd at 7 pm.

Saturday and Sunday at The Imperial Cinema

Ottawa International Animation Festival in Montreal

For the first time in Montreal, the best of the fest will be screened in the lovely Imperial Cinema. After seeing a lot of the films at Ottawa this year, I must say the programmers did a great job of taking five days of screening and giving us the best the festival has to offer. My personal pick? If you're old enough, go see the District. If you aren't prone to nightmares, see Short Competition 2, just to be awed by The Mysterious Geographic Exploration of Jasper Morello. Truly, the best of the fest.



I'm told that if this mini-festival is a success, Montrealers can look forward to seeing the best of OIAF every year. Wouldn't that be great? Get your ticket ($8 per screening) at the door.

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