November 22, 2005

We admit it: fps is in a love-love relationship (there's no hatin') with ACM SIGGRAPH, and that applies no less to the local Montreal chapter of the international organization. (Feel the love here, here, here, and here.)

While some people think computer animation (they're thinking strictly 3D) is the be-all-end-all, and others think it is the cartoon equivalent of the Apocalypse, ACM SIGGRAPH, while fostering interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques gets that all animation is part of a continuum. Therefore, entire styles and trends cannot always be discretely separated or pitted against each other. Many types of movements in art and innovation are associated, not always in the most obvious ways, with each other and border-crossing can occur at the most unexpected - and resultingly breathtaking - moments. This is why the Montreal chapter executive hardly batted an eyelash when they decided to partner with fps for our most recent Animation Innovator event with stop-motion animator and director Mike Johnson. When it comes to animation, they can see the connections many seek to deny.

Every event I've ever attended has been interesting, and I expect no less tomorrow:

Wednesday, November 23rd at 6:00 p.m., Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH hosts Creating Digital Animation: Needs, Challenges, Technology and Tools at the Society for Arts and Technology. The night is sponsored by Toon Boom Animation.

If you've read fps issue 5, and you've been infected with the do-it-yourself spirit, you'll be interested in participating. The presentations will include a look of Toon Boom's tool suite (with a special emphasis on its latest product, which, in my personal opinion, is a wonderful tool for lone animators or animators working in small groups) and provide an alternative context for creating animation: the demoscene.

You know, last winter, Louis Marcoux of Autodesk explained the possibility that Quebec is such a hotbed of art, technology and its bastard children because for several consecutive months, it is just so cold that a higher proportion of the population is forced to stay indoors and find something interesting to tinker with or a creative outlet rather than go outside. Considering that the first demoparties were held in Scandinavian countries, and the first North American one was in Montreal, I think he might be on to something.

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