February 19, 2006

Unless you get around on the festival circuit or live somewhere neat like New York or LA, it can be kind of difficult to see the five animation shorts that are nominated for an Oscar in the same year as they come out. If something you're interested in doesn't win, then it might be even harder to finally see that film you heard is a "must-see."

That's why Magnolia Pictures successfully brokering a distribution deal for this year's live action and animated nomations for Oscar shorts is welcome news.

You'll be able to see it on the big screen if you live in New York (in addition to the other screening we mentioned), San Francisco, Detroit, Berkeley, Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Austin and Portland. More screens will be added, so if you live in these cities, do the rest of us a favour and go see it! That will increase the chances for the rest of us to get it in our cities, if not this year, then maybe the next.

The other corporate name in the deal is Shorts International, owners of the largest short film catalogue. The Magnolia/Shorts International lovefest means that viewers will soon be able to see these films on the UK short film channel ShortsTV, also available on the Three and Orange wireless phone networks, Mark Cuban's HDNet and on DVD.

There's no release date yet for the DVD, but I can't wait.


This is great news, and it's about time someone filled this niche.

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