May 8, 2006
Super Dimension Fortress Macross is inarguably one of the signature anime titles of the 1980s, and the source material for the first part of Harmony Gold's Robotech. There have many spinoffs over the years of varying quality and popularity, but the ones that everyone can agree were the best have all been given a decent English-language release since the advent of DVD—except for the first, best spinoff of them all.

Macross: Ai Oboete Imasuka (Do You Remember Love) was released in Japan in the summer of 1984, a year and a half after the TV series' debut, compressing the series' 36-episode narrative into just under two hours with a lush score and gorgeous visuals that took advantage of the larger and wider scope of the movie screen.

Macross: Do You Remember Love movie is also a textbook example of how to adapt a popular TV series to create an equally popular movie without alienating the people who made the series popular in the first place. It's different enough that it's fresh, but similar enough that the familiar touchstones are comforting. And consider this: the movie's a third longer than a typical Disney animated feature, took half the time to make and no doubt cost a lot less as well. And yet it’s captivating enough that the lack of Disney-quality character animation is entirely beside the point.

Throw in Macross Flashback 2012 (a direct-to-video showcase for Mari Iijima's vocals as idol-singer character Lynn Minmei, mostly made up of recycled TV and movie footage, plus a what-happened next coda to the story) as a featurette and everybody’s happy. And while we’re at it, release the movie on the big screen a few months before the DVD release, like the Cowboy Bebop movie.

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For sure, I'd love to get a legal DVD replacement for my 3rd-generation Hong Kong English-dub VHS tape! A fun movie.
Count me in on a DVD purchase! This movie was what got me into "Robotech" in the first place (not the other way around) and I consider it a piece of anime history. There is so much that a DVD release has to offer.
I just wish Harmony Gold could sort out whatever legal wrangling is going in Japan over who can distribute Macross related items in North America. Otherwise you can bet this movie would have been released here already.

As to having a theatrical release of Macross, DYRL? Hot DAMN i wish, but good luck ever seeing THAT happen!
In the late 1980s, the Film Forum in New York had a one-time showing of a bunch of theatrical anime. If memory serves, the lineup included Wings of Honneamise, Akira, Robot Carnival (which was a contender for my top 5) and Macross: Do You Remember Love.

Yep, I'm still smarting over missing that one.
Though DYRL isn't on DVD here, don't forget the TV series is currently in it's 2nd U.S. subtitled release.

Don't count on a U.S. DYRL release until Big West is finished thoroughly putting Tatsunoko in their place though.
Don't count on a U.S. DYRL release until Big West is finished thoroughly putting Tatsunoko in their place though.

Being reminded of that mess too. Tatsunoko still believes they own the rights to the original '82 series and perhaps the movie too.

On the other hand, like so many, I have to be content with my raw and fansub copies on multiple formats, though if the opportunity comes up, I'd love to release this under my own label!

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