May 30, 2006
Actually, fps has already gone quarterly, as evidenced by our eighth issue's June release date. But now we've gone and made it official: the magazine will now be coming out four times a year instead of six. But it's not that we're getting slack; we're just getting more focused. Each issue will now be 50% larger than the old issues, which means you're getting the same number of pages every year. Basically, this allows us to really concentrate on each issue's theme, and make each of those pages count for more.

This also means that each issue will increase in price by 50% ($1.49 instead of 99 cents), but over a year the cost comes out the same. Just one detail: if you've already subscribed, then your remaining issues will be filled out as usual—only each one of those issues is now bigger. (It's like automatic super-sizing, without the trans fats.) In fact, if you haven't subscribed yet, I'd suggest you do—we're keeping the current subscription rate until next Monday, when #8 comes out—which means your five bucks gets you six issues, not four. Better jump on this while you can; we've got some great material lined up for the next year.
Can I extend my subscripton now? I mean at the same great price (I think I'm four issues into my subscription now) Just wondering. Gee, like it was expensive-even at four times the price it would be a good deal.
Yes, you can. If you use the same e-mail address you used to subscribe before, your subscription will be extended.

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