May 5, 2006
The word cognoscenti gets thrown around a lot in some circles, but when it comes to animation, Mark Mayerson deserves the title. I've been reading his analyses of animation and animators for at least twelve years now, and he never fails to find new ways to enlighten. (Which is why I'm quite happy he's contributed to fps many times over the years, starting with his essay on the making of Monster By Mistake. That appeared back in the days of our print magazine.)

Mark's had a website before—check out his Al Eugster page from when the Web was young—but I'm quite pleased to see that he's started his own blog, Mayerson on Animation. The first few posts are pure Mayerson: analyses of why Fred Moore and Bill Tytla's careers went the way they did after they left Disney; identifying animators who worked on specific scenes; and of course a nod to Al Eugster. I can't wait to see where he takes it from here.

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