May 17, 2006
FeedEarlier in the year, I included Stash Media magazine in a mini-review of sites offering the latest in VFX, animation, & advertising content via subscription. It looks like Stash has begun a new collective blog with a new channel called Feed, offering up to 100 contributors the chance to post content and opinions on animation, vfx and design. "By shifting away from the traditional editor-as-gate-keeper model we expect to create an unpredictable, vibrant and democratic mix of information and entertainment centered around animation, vfx and design that will evolve a life of its own." (from the Stash feed-info page) Off to a strong start, I particularily like the post about the PictoOrphanage. I do believe collective blogging is where it's at.
Andreas (AV) of Stash/Feed here. Just wanted to say you made an awesome image compiling our entries and we're psyched you like site! Thanks so much for the kind words and support! We added you in our link section, if that's cool.

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