June 30, 2006
We got the lowdown on this year's Fantasia film festival earlier this week, and we were surprised to discover that there isn't much in the way of feature-length animation this year—there's the bizarre stop-motion feature Blood Tea and Red String (which took thirteen years to make), The Visions of Jim Woodring (whose title speaks for itself), the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, and... that's it. Given that it's the tenth-anniversary iteration of the fest, it's a shame there isn't more, given how significant animated features have been in their lineup all these years.

That said, Worlds of Wounded Clay: The Films of Robert Morgan (pictured above), which will be hosted by Morgan himself, promises to be an incredible stop-mo head trip, and DJ XL5's Zappin' Party Cavalcade promises the usual freaked-out collection of obscure, new and old shorts, both animated and live-action. In fact, that's kind of where all the animated action is this year: you have to pick through the various short-film compilations and double- or triple-bills to find them: Negadon: The Monster from Mars (which we reveiwed in our latest issue), The Torchbearer (by Jan Svankmajer's son Vaclav), and Fast Film are just three of the nuggets of buried treasure you'll have to dig for. The fest starts up on July 6, so you'd better start searching the schedule soon.

Update: See more details about the festival's animation lineup in my next post.

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