June 8, 2006
Well, it's been an anime-filled Spring here at fps. In addition to regular reporting, May was all about the Tokyo International Anime Fair photo gallery, and the month-long anime prize pack contest (congratulations to the winners); and June will include the launch of our bigger, better issues of Frames Per Second magazine, with this issue focusing primarily on anime.

We'll also be attending Otakuthon, a fan-run convention in the city this weekend. Emru and René Walling will be participating in several panels including Early Days of Anime Fandom and Must See Anime. I'll be there from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday to answer questions about fps projects. We're also sponsoring two free screenings, one of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (co-sponsored with Otakuthon) which is reviewed in issue 8, and Howl's Moving Castle, a favourite of many here at fps.

Howl's Moving Castle
Saturday, June 10th
12:00 noon

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Sunday, June 11th
1:20 p.m.

Room H-110
Hall Auditorium
Concordia University Hall Building
(Metro Guy-Concordia)

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