June 26, 2006
Starting in spring 2007, Teletoon—Canada's all-cartoon network—is launching Teletoon Retro, a new channel devoted to cartoons that are at least ten years old. That means shows like The Flintstones, The Jetsons and various Looney Tunes packages for both English and French versions of the channel. But according to a Journal de Montréal article, there are some extra goodies slated for the French channel: the company is looking into broadcast rights for the French-dubbed anime many of us Quebecers grew up with, like Goldorak (UFO Robot Grendizer) and Albator (Captain Harlock). The author of the article is frustratingly terse; she doesn't mention any other potential series, like Captaine Flamme (Captain Future) or Bataille des planètes (Battle of the Planets), which I think would be cool to have on the air again. We'll get more details as things fall into place.



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