June 7, 2006
Scratch one item from the back burner. We'd planned to run an article sometime in the future about how criminal it is that the Fleischer Popeye shorts haven't had a decent DVD release, but it turns out that we can concentrate on other things: Warner Home Video announced today that they've made a deal with Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate for exclusive distribution rights to all the Popeye animated shorts. That's a total of 638 shorts spanning from 1933 (the Fleischer theatrical shorts) through to 1987 (Popeye and Son, a Hanna-Barbera TV effort). The first DVD is expected to hit the shelves next year.

Can't wait to see the extras. And there will be extras on these discs, right?
Awesome news! I love the Popeye shorts, a lot of them are very good. I've only seen them in cheap 50-cent Walmart DVDs so far.
We own Spinach Can Collectibles in Chester, Illinois-The Home of Popeye and we are glad to see them being released. We get alot of calls looking for the Black and White cartoons. Check out our website www.popeyethesailor.com for merchandise or to join the fanclub or visit our town website for our picnic held annually www.popeyepicnic.com. We will be unveiling the Wimpy staue this year during the picnic to go along with the Popeye statue that has been here for 29 years.

Debbie Brooks

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