June 9, 2006
Cars is Pixar's latest theatrical release. It's really a compendium of the animation industry's (and particularly Pixar's) greatest hits. Unfortunately, as with most compendiums, it's strong in some areas and lacking in others.

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very accurate review of 'cars' and just read another honest-unbiased,review on cars at the chronicle web site,which said that 'the film just doesn't get any impact using cold objects that do not have arms-legs to relate to any human emotions', roughly phrased.
My question to pixar-dizney is; when will they (WILLINGLY) find concepts that are entirely origional and with real toon characters that have never been seen-created,which starved for somthing 'new' toon fanz are craving-for?
My toon concept "LIFE ON MARZ" does exactly-that and am still waiting to have guyz like pixar develope it,but they keep ignoring creators like me + others,and do this 'cars' shit,which entirely FAILED...to hit the bulls-eye.
Pixar,are you reading this?? Or will you find more crap-concepts,waste millions, that has already been done to death?
I know one of you at pixar must have seen my article; with characters-pictures by amid amidi on the blast,a few years ago,since steve job's picture+ article was directly BELOW.... my article!!
*falls out of chair laughing*
Yeah. John Lasseter is totally reading your blog comment RIGHT NOW. O_O
I can sympathize with what you're saying, but at the same time, I don't think it's entirely fair to sideline these characters as potentially any less heartwarming than say, an animated fish, a washed up superhero, a robot, or even an animated lamp for that matter. Their voices are still utterly human, and I think the story itself still succeeds, in spite of it being a tad long. I have to say I warmed up to at least a few of the cars. But what struck me about the film was the number of times I actually had to remind myself that I was watching an animated film. Remember the pan up to an American flag? Quite the heightened sense of realism, as seen in the depth of field whitepaper from January 2006 at http://graphics.pixar.com/
For those of you who thought the movie was too cold and plastic, I recommend you definately buy the book, The Art of Cars [as reviewed in this month's fpsmagazine].

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