July 3, 2006
There were a few things I couldn't or didn't address properly in my thoughts about this year's Fantasia lineup. First of all, Vaclav Svankmajer's The Torchbearer (pictured) is being screened along with Worlds of Wounded Clay: The Films of Robert Morgan. (Which reminds me to mention Jan Svankmajer's partly stop-motion Lunacy, which will also be in the festival.) Second, Visions of Frank, in which eight Japanese animators interpret Jim Woodring's world and his star character Frank, is part of the Visions of Jim Woodring screening. And finally, I wanted to mention The Outer Limits of Animation, not least because it includes three shorts by Bruno Bozzetto and the festival favourite The Regulator. Why didn't I? Because while I'd written it down in my notes, I couldn't find it in the online schedule. Silly me: it was under its French title, Au-delĂ  de l'animation. Now you know, so you've got no excuse to miss any of these films. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

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