July 31, 2006
This morning at SIGGRAPH is the beginning of Papers. Here, academic and industry researchers present their latest discoveries in CGI. I got a sample of all the papers yesterday, during the Fast Forward Papers Review, when each presenter attempted (and many times failed) to explain what he/she will be talking about in just 50 seconds. There are many promising papers, such as "Capturing and Animating Skin in Human Motion" on Wednesday (preview shown here); which will discuss how mocap can be used to deform the muscles and skin of a CG figure—something that can be time-consuming (but also rewarding) when done in key-frame animation. Another interesting one is the "Inverse Kinematics for Reduced Deformable Models". This one promises manipulation of detailed meshes by using example shapes and not the traditional (and tedious) skeleton rigging method. Today's Papers range from "A Planar Reflective Symmetry Transform for 3D Shapes" to "Image-Based Material Editing". For the full Papers sked and a QuickTime clip, go to

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