August 3, 2006
As Emru mentioned in his earlier post, this year's Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH is filled with films. This year 97 works have been selected from a record 726 entries. Thirty-four of those have been selected for the prestigious Electronic Theater and will be discussed later. The remaining 63 works have been screened as part of the Animation Theater. Divided into 7 separate 25-minute screenings, this year's Animation Theater showcased a wide range of short films mixed with scientific, art, broadcast and videogame works. Some highlights include Oh Hisse (pictured above) by Hikaru Yamakawa (Japan), Real Birds Don't Barf by Bernhard Haux (Germany), Fertilizer Soup by Sylvain Marc (France) and 3D Illusion in Motion by Yee Siong Leow (Singapore). All in all the screenings were entertaining and a number of them would have been included in the Electronic Theater if I had been a juror.

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