August 2, 2006
OK... so I tried real hard to find the Job Fair yesterday... But it's so incredibly tucked away in a corner and I think I'm not the only who missed it. So, let me clarify: There is a Job Fair (as this picture attests). And it's separate from the exhibits. Some companies have booths in both sections such as Laika - if you give them your show reel, they give you a t-shirt. What can be confusing is that some houses have "we are hiring" signs posted at their exhibition booths but they are not present at the Job Fair (Pixar for example). So back to the actual fair: Ambitious and/or very talented applicants might be able to land an interview there, on the spot. There are "rooms" set-up for that.

Another clarification: ILM is hiring but the actual booth at the exhibit is that of Lucasfilm. The difference? ILM, LucasArts and Lucasfilm are all different companies. Are they all owned by Lucas? I can at least say that a representative from Lucasfilm told me yesterday that Lucasfilm has been revamped into a different and independent company in the past two years... But I saw all three companies call out for recruitment under the same hut today. So I guess the big names do need a re-introduction every couple of years or so.

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