September 13, 2006
The first in a series of six presentations on Thursday launches the new season of animation programming at le Cinémathèque québécoise. Producer and critic Marcel Jean has programmed selections to promote the discussion surrounding those moments captured on film when the wall between animation and live action erode.

The retrospective "Quand le cinema d'animation rencontre le vivant" (translated as "When Animation Meets the Living") was presented earlier this year at Annecy by Jean, who will be present at all of this fall's screenings, and the companion book of the same name is now available as well. The official launch occurs this Thursday, too.

Event details (in French)

September 14: Vanités et nature mortes (Vanity and Still Lives)
September 21: La tentation surréelle (The Surreal Temptation)
September 27: Hybrides et mutants (Hybrids and Mutants)
September 28: Les Soubresauts du temps (Marks in Time)
October 5: De l'humain et de la technologie (The Human and Technological Element)
October 12: L'insoutenable étrangeté (Unbearable Strangeness)

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