October 8, 2006
Another tidbit from Anime News Network: YTV Canada is seeking a license for an all-anime specialty channel, to operate under the name The Anime Channel. Canadians can participate in the process by providing comments that help the CRTC evaluate the application. You'll need two things to get going: the details of the application, and instructions on how to properly submit your comments. You've got until November 14.


Emru, there's no question that this is something that fans would want. However, do you think that this is good for Canadian animation production? The whole point of Canadian content quotas was make sure that Canadian companies had access to their own airwaves.

An all anime channel is going to further marginalize Canadian production, as it will be a smaller part of what's broadcast. Wouldn't it be better for YTV to just run more anime and less U.S. animation, leaving Canadian animation with the same percentage of airtime?
Well, they could just show the Anne of Green Gables anime in heavy rotation.

Seriously, though, that is a good point. But then we bump up against the whole problem with Cancon initiatives for TV in the 21st century—balancing cultural needs vs. what the audience wants, especially as viewership is diminishing and fragmenting across different media.

Perhaps a better solution would be a second all-animation channel with, like Teletoon, a mandate to invest in Canadian production.

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