October 18, 2006
Ten years ago, a wonderful game called The Neverhood was published by DreamWorks Interactive. (Oh, yeah. Back then DreamWorks was all about the multiple media thing. Remember those days?) Created by Douglas TenNapel, who had previously created the Earthworm Jim games and the deliciously insane Earthworm Jim cartoon (and more recently created the not-quite-as-insane-but-close-enough Catscratch), The Neverhood was created as clay animation then digitized. You moved your character, a hapless guy named Klaymen around the Neverhood, solving puzzles and generally trying to figure out what the hell was going on. It was easily one of the most inventive games ever made, and a definite treat for people who loved both animation and brainteasers. Just reading about it makes me want to take my CD out and install it again.

I mention The Neverhood because Marc Spess over at Animate Clay has posted a link to a collection of videos on YouTube that collect the various cutscenes from the game. If you've played the game before, take the time out to reminisce. If you've never played before, watch them and marvel that there was ever a time that anyone would take the time and money to create something where two media—stop-motion animation and the puzzle adventure game—were used to their fullest and enhanced each other in the process.

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