October 16, 2006
Betterman Complete Collection (Anime Legends) (DVD)
Re-released at a discounted price here; Betterman is a somewhat obscure science fiction tale, but it has genuine characters who ultimately make the show much more interesting and enjoyable than it probably ought to be. —Aaron H. Bynum

Gatchaman Collection 9: Vols. 17 & 18 (DVD)
Gatchaman Vol. 17: Future Kill (DVD)
Gatchaman Vol. 18: Final Justice (DVD)
The final volumes in the classic anime series. Adventure, drama and excitement brought together in a such a way that Science Ninja Team Gatchaman became a signature series in Japan as well as in North America (as Battle of the Planets). They really don't make them like this anymore. —Emru Townsend

Kamichu Vol. 3: Discovery (DVD)
It's a sweet and funny, slice-of-life drama that Western anime fans need more of. —Aaron H. Bynum

Norman McLaren: Masters Edition Box Set (DVD)
Watching Norman McLaren's films in the cinema, you'd be inclined to think his genius emerged fully formed. Watching them in this comprehensive collection, complete with outtakes, alternate endings, test footage, and audio interview excerpts, you'd realize you were right. —Emru Townsend

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