October 30, 2006
Anime Encyclopedia, Revised & Expanded Edition: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917 (paperback) (Book)
Five years after the first edition, they're back and they've added another 224 pages! Not only does it include all the shows and featurefilms since the 2001 edition, Clements and McCarthy have added a numberof little-known anime that were missed in the first edition. Theyalso added a series of short biographies of key anime creators and producers as well as a series of short essays explaining key concepts, history, terms, and tropes in anime. While you may not agree with their opinions on a given anime, they are informative and entertaining, especially when skewering a really bad anime. For example, the complete entry for Pure Love (1998): "In a fantasy world modeled loosely on medieval Europe, knight Hiro sneaks into the king's secret chamber one evening to meet with the queen. Then, the two of them go at it like rabbits, because this is a porn anime, and she is a nymphomaniac."

(Full disclosure: I was one of the readers and "otaku editors" for the revised edition. It was an enjoyable job.) —Marc Hairston

Boogiepop Thinpak Collection (Phantom TV Series + Boogiepop and Others live-action movie) (DVD)
The Boogiepop Phantom TV series is just about as much of a psychological thriller as an anime can be in series form. While the non-linear storyline and complex storyboarding either make or break the viewing experience for most animation enthusiasts, Boogiepop Phantom leaves quite an impression. —Aaron H. Bynum

The Brothers Quay: The Short Films, 1979-2003 (DVD)
Masters of surrealist aimation, the brothers Quay have brought stop motion animation to new heights of weirdness with films like Streets of Crocodiles and The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer, not to mention rock videos like Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer and two features. A compilation of their shorts is just the thing to make sure we make it through the coming winter with some weirdness around us. —René Walling

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 Box Set (DVD)
If you managed to resist purchasing the individual DVDs of this great cyberpunk series, now's the time to succumb to temptation. —René Walling

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