October 9, 2006
Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy Complete First Season (DVD)
In a summer without parental supervision and an endless hunger for jawbreakers, three best friends embark on an everlasting entrepreneurial adventure. The series has been a favourite of mine for years with its surreal production design and distinct characters. —Aaron H. Bynum

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Vol. 5 (DVD)
Conceptualized by the creative/production team behind Toonami programming, Immortal Grand Prix has good, passionate characters and mecha that race at over some 350 mph. The first season was anything but typical and the second season only capitalizes on the program's originality. I don't know how large the fanbase for this series is, given that Cartoon Network gave it a dead-of-the-night time slot toward the end of its run; nevertheless, it's a very good series. —Aaron H. Bynum

Speed Grapher Vol. 3 (DVD)
Speed Grapher Vol. 3 Limited Edition (DVD)
One of the best titles released by Funimation in 2006. —Aaron H. Bynum

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