October 26, 2006

One year ago today, we held our second Animation Innovator event, in which we invited Corpse Bride animation co-director Mike Johnson to come to Montreal to speak about his craft and his work on the movie. In this podcast we revisit that event, as well as present some new material.

Film Clips
Mike Johnson on HypaSpace (2:05, 20.2 MB, MPEG-4)

Natasha Eloi
Matt Forsythe
Kevin Holden and Trudie Mason
Mark Osborne
Space: The Imagination Station

fps Links
Mike Johnson interview
Animation Innovator: Mike Johnson Photo Gallery
Corpse Bride review
Suggest an Animation Innovator Guest

Corpse Bride DVDs, CDs, books and more
The Devil Came Down to Georgia (as part of the Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People compilation)

Credits: Photo © Warner Bros. Entertainment; podcast opening and closing audio from The Corpse Bride soundtrack

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