November 23, 2006
Yesterday, I mentioned that a signed copy of Jeff Smith's Bone Volume One was donated to the charity auction, but there are additional books on the block:
  • Amid Amidi, of Cartoon Brew and Animation Blast, has donated a signed copy of his book Cartoon Modern, which he will personalize for the bidder.
  • Animation Art, is up for bid again this year. It is authored by Jerry Beck of Cartoon Research and Cartoon Brew.
  • Also up for bid is a copy of Animation Unlimited, and an avalanche of manga of all types (Kingdom Hearts is a curiosity in itself, anime characters combined with US cartoon characters).
(In a flurry of cut and paste to get the listings up, Harper Collins was accidentally listed as the donor of Cartoon Modern on eBay. In fact, Amid has been kind enough to donate a copy of the book, published by Chronicle Books.)

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