November 24, 2006
Thanks to the vagaries of shipping, we got four new items for the auction yesterday that have just been added to the listings. These are all courtesy of Polygon Pictures, the anime studio currently working on the CG television series Akihabara@Deep.

Three of the items—two banks, one women's turtleneck—feature Rocky and Hopper, a pair of rockhopper penguins who for years have been the faces of Shiseido's Superhard Hair Glue. None of these items are available for sale in Japan any longer.

The fourth item is a red t-shirt featuring the husband from the super-silly CG short The Polygon Family, in which a husband comes home late and drunk, and he and his wife fight it out arcade-game style. The shirts were designed by Polygon Family director Hiroshi Chida, and were made for the Polygon Pictures studio.

Just for fun, here are some links to the Rocky and Hopper ads produced by Polygon Pictures, one of manga artist Takehiko Inoue's Anti-Oily Uno ads for Shiseido, and the Polygon Family short. The Anti-Oily Uno ad has nothing to do with the auction, but it's fun to watch. I'd like to see more of Shiseido's animated commercials over here.

Superhard Hair Glue - DJ
Superhard Hair Glue - Snowboarding
Superhard Hair Glue - Outdoor
Superhard Hair Glue - Brother Penguin
Superhard Hair Glue - Sister Penguin
Anti-Oily Uno
Polygon Family



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