November 25, 2006
You may have noticed the anime box sets and Norman McLaren: The Master Edition among the DVDs up for auction, but I would like to take a moment to point out the contributions from Ninja Tune.

It's always difficult to talk about this label and not emphasize their music, but in other ways it's easy: along with auditory pleasures, Ninja Tune has always had interesting videos, and many among the interesting are animated. Two standouts are Kid Koala's Basin Street Blues and Fender Bender, directed by Monkmus.

Both of these appear on the ZenTV DVD, a Ninja Tune video retrospective, and of the nearly three dozen videos, Wagon Christ's Receiver, Amon Tobin's Verbal, Bonobo's Flutter and Pick Up, and DJ Food's Pinball Number Count remix from Sesame Street, number among the animated contributions.

10 copies of this item have been donated for the auction.

Now, it's one thing for a recording artist to write their own songs, but animating their own videos? We also received 10 Mr. Scruff DVD singles for Sweetsmoke, which feature 3 deceptively simple animated videos, animated and directed by Mr. Scruff.

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