November 28, 2006
Depending on the item you're watching, you have between 14 and 30 hours to bid on an item in the annual charity auction.

Just to recap:

Pre-auction teaser - Software: Before the auction got underway, Emru announced the donation of some of the software tools of the trade, and DVD tutorials designed for users looking for a challenge. He mentioned that 2 copies of each software were donated on the blog, but neglected to include this in the individual listings. So he'll be offering a second chance to the runner-up bidders of these items. All of the opening bids began at 50% of the retail value, just one of the many deals in the auction.
  • Day 1 - Artwork: For the first time, we had original artwork donated by the artists Dave Alvarez, Steve Rude and Joel Trussell, and each with their own distinct signature styles. It's no secret—we really like their work, so we got kind of goofy when they agreed to participate.
  • Day 2 - Books: Great animation books and manga were donated. Two of the books, Cartoon Modern and Bone, are both autographed hardcovers donated by the authors.
  • Day 3 - Polygon Pictures: This year was also the first time an animation studio donated to the auction as well. When people think of CGI penguins in Japan, I'm sure Polygon Pictures' commercials for Shiseido come to mind before Happy Feet or Madagascar. (Polygon president and CEO Shuzo Shiota is also an fps contributor; contributor Jason Vanderhill donated the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman commemorative stamp sets).
  • Day 4 - Animated Music Videos: Ninja Tune dropped 10 copies each of Mr. Scruff's DVD single Sweetsmoke, featuring animation by Mr. Scruff, and 10 copies of ZenTV, the Ninja Tune video retrospective, featuring notable videos such as Basin Street Blues and the Sesame Street Pinball Number Count remix by DJ Food.
  • Day 5 - Posters: Full-size posters and mini-posters abound, including posters for Cars, Finding Nemo, Robots and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
  • Day 6 - Anime & Manga: There are DVDs, including limited edition boxsets, soundtracks, t-shirts, wall hangings, and manga adaptations. I mean, really: We're mangalicious. Anime-tastic.
And here we are at Day 7. Take a look at the complete list, and if you still don't find anything you want, consider making a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society directly, or by using our Make A Donation button on the auction page, and we'll add it to the final total.

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