January 15, 2007
Back in October of 2005, I posted about The Last Unicorn creator Peter S. Beagle's ongoing battle with Saul Zaentz to be compensated for the animated adaptation of his book, as well for receiving more than the token "consulting fee" he'd been paid for writing Ralph Bakshi's animated adaptation of Lord of the Rings.

Beagle's tribulations are still ongoing, but in the meantime the 25th anniversary edition of The Last Unicorn is coming to DVD in just a few weeks. The remastered Unicorn is in 5.1 with an anamorphic widescreen image, for a mere $14.98. However, because of these legal issues, Beagle will not be receiving royalties from any DVDs bought through Amazon or other retailers. However, buying the DVD from Conlan Press will ensure that more than half the money received ends up in Beagle's hands—some of which he intends to use to pursue his legal battles. (As an extra incentive, Conlan is also offering DVDs personally autographed by Beagle for $24.98.) As you know from our auctions, we're pretty keen on the idea of doing good with our animation purchases, so pass this bit of info on to all the Unicorn fans you know. There's still time to cancel that Amazon preorder.

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