January 21, 2007
According to the Anime News Network, Ghost in the Shell may be coming live and in three dimensions to a theater near you in the next few years. Kodansha and Production I.G. have come to a new understanding, and their fresh contractual agreement allows Production I.G. to stand up for Kodansha's interests when optioning the licence for a Hollywood film.

With the success of Death Note: The Last Name in Japan, more licence holders may be wanting to adapt their anime and manga titles for live-action media. There has certainly been buzz to that effect in the past: Evangelion was once the subject of live-action musing by WETA, James Cameron once wanted to do Battle Angel Alita, and the American Sci-Fi Channel once had plans to adapt Witch Hunter Robin for the small screen. None of these projects ever made it to fruition, and fans may be smart to take a moment and breathe before wondering if a live-action GITS will be tomorrow's Aeon Flux.

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Just for the sake a clarification: 1) Battle Angel Alita is still underway, and 2) Evangelion is still in the works, but on hold at the moment. The image gallery of conceptual art for Eva is here.

For the record, few live action adaptations ever hold up. Why not just come up with something original and stop recycling?
When was the last time anyone saw an artistically successful live-action film based on any animated property?

oops, I'm repeating myself in my old age...

Well that concept art does look nice, but that "Rei" is just not Rei.
And to think, I almost can't wait until the Speed Racer film finshes up........
I've seen the same information on Eva, and it seems as though it's been on hold for quite a while. As for "Battle Angel Alita," I thought that James Cameron had abandoned it.

And I agree that I'd rather see a decent original screenplay made into a film than another franchise feature, especially when that franchise is GITS.

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