January 9, 2007
This article states that M. Night Shyamalan, most famous for his direction of The Sixth Sense, will be bringing Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender to the big screen in a live-action adaptation.

Shyamalan will write, direct and produce the live-action adaptation for Paramount Pictures' MTV Films and Nick Movies. They hope it will turn into a three-picture series with Shyamalan's continuing involvement.

There is no mention of when we can expect said adaptation, but the buzz on AMRC-L is already negative.


I'd rather see an Avatar animated feature.
Likewise. Especially given the slow, steady pace sually found in Shyamalan's films.
Agreed. "Avatar" is a series that stands very well on its own. I'd rather watch a solid 90 minutes of animation than 2+ hours of live action and CGI.
Ugh...Shyamalan has only made one good film so far, and I'm pretty sure it was by accident. Avatar really should be an animated feature, noone's going to want to watch some stupid live-action emo version...
If any feature-length project based on the AVATAR-animated property, it should not only be animated, should it not also be written, directed and/or co-produced by either Brian Konietzko and Michael DiMartino?

I spoke to the two co-creators a year or so ago after the first season had debuted... they are animators who are genuinely interested in seeing their series evolve into something meaningful for the medium. An extent to which I feel they are succeeding at. I cannot imagine an AVATAR-property existing without their extensive creative input.

Plus, when was the last time there was a successful live-action film based on a Nick animated property? Emphasis on successful, naturayll.

--aaron b.
When was the last time anyone saw an artistically successful live-action film based on any animated property?
Why is that big studio execs arrogantly assume they know how best to tear apart and remold a perfectly brilliant artistic idea, take it to market and pawn it off on an unsuspecting, drooling public?

Do they honestly think for one single moment that Avatar is the mega-hit it is without the superior talents of Mike Double-D and Bryan Koneitzko? Umm, duh.

All I know is that Shyamalan better not make any casual stops at his neighborhood Starbucks because Avatar fans are diehards. They will hunt him down and find him and make him pay for whoring up their beloved Avatar and setting her out on a street corner for sale to any soulless passerby.

Nickelodeon assumes that the largest audience in the Avatar fanbase is 9-14 year-olds. The fact is the younger demographic is the smallest portion of Avatar fan community. There are currently more than 10 independently-run Avatar fan websites and they are not run or frequently visited by kids, but adults.

Mike and Bryan are trailblazers in their field. In making Avatar they have created an entirely new genre which can best be described as 'American Anime.'

It is a fool's errand and recipe for disaster to shut the creators out from the start and it will be reflected at the box office maybe not in the first movie (as most fans will want to see what Shyamalan did with it) but I predict the second movie will fail miserably making the third a wash before it even begins.

What a complete and utter waste.

It makes much more sense to invest these production dollars in a full-length Avatar animated movie.

The superior animation and epic storyline alone have earned them the right to do so.

Paramount and Nickelodeon can create full-length Rugrats and SpongeBob movies, but they can't find justification for an animated Avatar movie?

What the hell? They are complete and utter fools and are massively out of touch with who makes up the Avatar-cult following.

All this decision will do is enrage the fanbase and elevate Mike and Bryan to the status of martyred saints in the animation community.

This is inexcusable decision on the part of Paramount, Nickeldeon and their parent company Viacom.

Simple rats with feeder bars we are not, Paramount execs and Mr. Shyamalan. Get a clue.
I hope that Shyamalan is a genuine fan of the series. And I hope demi-Gods Michael D. and Brian K. are involved. Otherwise this foray into live action bastardizing will not be worth the toilet paper Shyamalan wipes with on the set's porto-toities.

This is Shyamalan's redemption. This will determine his path down his filmmaking road. I am encouraged that it is NOT his original body of work that he will be drawing from. Please, PLEASE listen to your children Mr. Shyamalan and don't screw this up... if not for you, for them!

Have original voice actors get trained in martial arts to play their subsequent roles on the show. They already know their characters by heart.

Also get some big-name actors to play some great bit parts. Chow Yun Fat. Jet Li. Ziyi Zhang. Keira Knightley. Ian MacKellen. Harrison Ford. ALL of these actors could play great roles.

This film will either be the greatest thing in fantasy since Lord of the Rings or be the worst adaptation in film history. There won't be an in-between, and don't think for one moment that Avatar fans are dumbed-down drugged-out paper-pushing level heads who don't know good stuff from crap. Avatar fans come from all walks of life, are devoted to their show, and know what quality is. If Shyamalan and Paramount doesn't step up, Avatar will be the last show my family watches on Nickelodeon ever. Period.

Mr. Shyamalan had better watch each episode ten times and have a hotline to Mike D. and Brian K. that he utilizes at least three times a day or I will personally clone him and kill all his clones.

This can be such a beautiful thing for my family to see in the summer of 2009. If it's great, we will literally see it at least three times a day every day the movie is in the theaters and will encourage all other diehard fans to do so. You have a goldmine fanbase that isn't even the demographic that you're aiming for that would love to see this show enter the pantheon of great television shows in this modern era of reality trash. Please do it justice, from my screen to God's eyes.
Due to the recent popularity of three-dimentional animated films I doubt that there will be any well made two dimensional films for quite a while, at least from American filmmakers. Avater is certainly one of my favorite shows, not just because of the complicated plotline and realistic characters, but because of the animation that is much better quality than the silly things that TV producers are allowing on their channels nowdays. Considering that the animation of Avatar is based on Hayao Miyazaki's work, I'm not suprised that the animation is beautiful to look at and isn't just a 20-minute time waster. I genuinely care about the show and I dearly hope that the live-action movie will not butcher it (keep hoping...). I don't have much hope for it and I hope the producers will reconsider their choice for a live-action movie and switch it to animation (again, keep wishing). I'm not happy with Nickelodeon right now. The only good show on the whole channel is Avatar and they have to stick their seal of low-quality-ness on it, too.
See, I adore Avatar and I'm well aware that if it was made into even ONE live-action movie, it would suck...

But am I the only one here who thinks it would be beyond amusing to see a live-action version? It would be SO BAD it'd be good.
My opinion is; It WOULD be interesting to watch. But not "good". I guess it'll be okay for the curious people. The rest should just buy the animated series and watch it over and over again, and keep hoping for a movie sequel or something.
You all are being way to critical, this i happen to like most of shyamalan's work, i think his style is very interesting. mocking a movie before its made is stupid. Your filling your minds with stupid critiques that wont let you enjoy the movie. Sure, not all live action movies were good, but wont it be nice to give this creator a chance to make the first truly awesome nick live-action. And instead of critisizing his work, think to yourselves: Could you really do much better? I doubt anyone on this site is a speilberg or anything close...All im saying is you shouldn't talk bad about it, before you've even seen it.

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