March 19, 2007
Batman Beyond Season 3 (DVD)
Batman Beyond Seasons 1-3 (DVD)
Arguably the weakest of Batman Beyond's three seasons, these final thirteen episodes still feature some of the series' better ideas, along with great character interplay and dialogue. Old and new nemeses return, including favourites Inque and the Royal Flush Gang, but the best are those from Bruce Wayne's past: Ra's Al Ghul (as always, given sinister voice by David Warner), Kobra and a silent, but no less dangerous, Starro. This season also marks the first animated appearance of the Justice League in the Timm universe, a two-episode thrill ride that set fanboy hearts racing. —Emru Townsend

Justice League Unlimited: Complete Season 2 (DVD)
Justice League Unlimited: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (DVD)
The Second Season of JLU is fantastic to say the least, and truly offers a drama and an adventure for animation fans keen on more mature themes. Settling fierce internal conflicts, re-aggravating in-group rivalries and trying to figure out just what in the heck should be done about the Cadmus project; some of JLU's most interesting animation direction and much of the series' development of secondary characters occurs here. —Aaron H. Bynum

Shana Vol. 4 (DVD)
In the middle of this anime about a kid whose run-in with a flame-haired, crimson-eyed female demon slayer, things are starting to slow down a bit and the characters are beginning to find some comfort with one another. Though the action seems to be rather sparse at this point in time, the addition of strange villains and much fuller background artwork are a plus. —Aaron H. Bynum

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