April 17, 2007
On Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30 p.m., the animation community will pay tribute to Ryan Larkin, who left many—friends and strangers—heartbroken when word of his death from cancer occurred in mid-February. Just before his death, Larkin had begun animating again and had embarked on a project called Spare Change (the producer still plans to finish this film).

This event is graciously hosted by the Cinémathèque Québécoise with the collaboration of the National Film Board of Canada. The following films will be screened:

- excerpts from Pin Screen, Norman McLaren, 1973
- excerpts from Chez Schwartz, 2006 (documentary)
- Alter Egos, 52 min (documentary on the making of Ryan)
- interstitials for MTV
- Forest Fire Clip: Burning Fox, 1971
- Canada Vignette: Trading Post, 1978
- Cityscape, 1966
- Syrinx, 1965
- Walking, 1968
- Street Musique, 1972

The evening promises many tributes from his friends and peers, including Chris Landreth and David Verrall.

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