April 16, 2007
Vancouver community radio station CFRO-FM 102.7 aired a special 2 hour special program Sunday featuring music from classic cartoons from Betty Boop to Bullwinkle and Popeye to Peanuts.

These radio shows are also archived online for exactly one week in MP3 format, so you have no more than 6 days to download this radio broadcast as a bonus audio/cartoon podcast. You'll need these 3 parts:

part 1, part 2, part 3

It's 22khz mono stream, and the program picks up 30 minutes into the first file.

Presented by two animation enthusiasts, Steve Bowell, host of the Sunday evening program Ragbag, and Ethan Minovitz, co-host of the Sunday morning show Anthology of Jewish Music, the show features rare recordings of songs inspired by cartoons, excerpts from cartoon and comic strip-related musicals, and strange "alternate" versions of theme songs. It's an audio collage with some of the best and oddest music from cartoon soundtracks.

The program also happens to coincide with the stations's spring membership drive, so if you feel like passing them a loonie/toonie for the download, feel free to do so via CanadaHelps.

via bcdb

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