May 29, 2007
Dear Sacha is a short film Montreal based animator Eric Bond made for a brother who's serving 20 years in a Florida jail. Sacha Bond is twenty-two years old and has bipolar disorder. In 2004, while intoxicated, he pulled out a gun in a Florida bar. Luckily no one got hurt. Sacha has been in jail since then, without the medication and help that he requires and with no chance for parole. His family is working hard to convince the Canadian government to transfer him to a federal institution in Quebec, his homeland.

The short illustrates the dreary, monotnous and depressing existence of a prisoner. The camera angles and puppet animation put us in direct connection with a lonely human; almost as if it's a real person sitting by himself across the room, being miserable. The filmmaker attempts to understand his brother, console him and imagine what he must be thinking and feeling.

A special on Sacha broadcast two weeks ago on CTV News explains his case and can be viewed here.

The site also features Eric Bond's short and a petition that demands the Canadian government to transfer Sacha to a federal institution here.

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