July 20, 2007
Back in the bad old days of VHS, a company called Good Times would routinely release cheap (as in inexpensive, and as in shoddy) knockoffs of Disney features while they were still in the cinema. Animation fans theorized that harried parents would remember the name Pocahontas from all the advertising, spot it near the grocery checkout, and snap it up, relieved that they were able to preserve their kids' pop-culture cred so easily.

I have no idea if Good Times is still in business, but their spiritual successor, the ironically named Inspired Corporation, is tackling Pixar's works with gusto. On the heels of Little Cars 2, itself a sequel to the knockoff Little Cars, comes Ratatoing, which I spotted in Hollywood@Home, a home-video trade mag (coincidentally co-founded by longtime occasional fps contributor Marc Elias). Click the graphic at left to see the ad in all its horror. I love how shameless they are compared to Good Times; check the enticing copy on the right: "Inspired by Disney's upcoming hit Ratatouille," and "Capitalize on the huge buzz stirred from Disney."


The female rat has breasts, but no clothes... it scares me...
"Ratatooing "? After reading the book 'Anyone Can Be a Tattoo Artist' , "Remmi" (wink, wink) is going to fulfill his dream of ...

Oh, wait ... it's "Ratatoing" (rhymes with boing?) I get it now . Actually, not really.

"Stunning 3D Animation" . Oh, I'm detecting stunned all right ...

Why do I imagine this being produced at some sweatshop in the Philippines or India ? (no free cereal , but you can buy it from the company store at the front of the compound, next to the barbed wire fence.)

The anti-Pixar .
If you're a glutton for punishment (and who isn't?)
there are clips posted :

RataTOING Cllp 1

RataTOING Clip 2

Yes, these clips did leave me stunned...
Let give credit where it's due: The studio that created such ripoffs is not Inspired Corp. (which just distributes the videos), but a Brazilian small studio named Video Brinquedo.

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