July 19, 2007
Okay, so you're not actually stomping around, kicking all kinds of Jion ass. In fact, the thing lies on its back and doesn't actually go anywhere. But for God's sake, it's a 1:1 scale, 59-foot Gundam! And if you can get yourself to the Gundam Crisis attraction at Fujikyu Highland, you too will be able to park yourself in the cockpit and pretend that you're a lean, mean New Type pilotin' machine in this exquisitely detailed ride. If you can't make it out there, then check out the photos on this Japanese-language site and try to contain yourself.

[Thanks, Gizmodo.]

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Ah, the life of a theme park operator. Fuji-Q Highland has its work cut out for itself, located right between Tokyo Disney and Universal Studios Japan, Osaka. They've already got the craziest rollercoaster ever, now they've locked up the market for all the original Gundam fans to lure their families along for the 1/1 robot experience. And if by chance the female members of the family are not so keen on the robot, Fuji-Q Highland also boasts in its arsenal, the largest spa in Japan. Is this behemoth model to be the first of an epic series of Gundam attractions, I wonder, or will many more robots be added to the fold?

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