August 20, 2007
Exciting news for the Astroboy toy collector. This past week came the announcement from Hong Kong that the upcoming toy lines for the scheduled 2009 Astroboy film will be made by WowWee Ltd, makers of sophisticated robot toys such as the Robosapien. What does this mean exactly? Well, not only will the toys look super cool, they will most assuredly possess dazzling robotic powers designed to impress the most discriminating toy collector.

The deal between WowWee Ltd. and Imagi Animation Studios gets even better. WowWee also announced that they will also be making the toys for the upcoming Gatchaman film.

In other Astroboy toy news, a giant sculptural Astroboy montage can now be seen hanging in the hip Kitsilano sushi shop, The Eatery at 3431 West Broadway. Vancouver mixed media artist Noel Macul made the illuminated sculptural Astroboy out of hundreds of dissected toy parts. Specially commissioned by the restaurant, it now hangs permanently above the bar. Noel also crafted a giant tiger made of toys (perhaps inspired by Brazilian animator Guilherme Marcondes' Tyger?)

The Eatery already hosts a mini museum of Astroboy collectibles, along with lots of hanging sea creatures, and a vast array of Asian cultural d├ęcor, right down to the cute vintage Japanese autos parked out in front of the shop. If mixing sushi and anime sounds like your thing, be sure to add this stop to your itinerary the next time you visit Vancouver.

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