September 18, 2007
As a delegate for the 67th World Science Fiction Convention bid for 2009, I had the chance to attend this year's 65th Worldcon in Yokohama, Japan. While I was there, people were buzzing about many different types of fandom, including science fiction and fantasy in animated form. In addition to the Artist Guest of Honour Yoshitaka Amano, who got his start working on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets or G-Force) and more recently contributed the character designs for Final Fantasy and the seventh dream in Ten Nights of Dreams, the big animation talk among fans from East and West was the DVD release of Studio Ghibli's Gedo Senki (Tales from Earthsea).

It didn't hurt that Yoji Takeshige, the film's art director, was on hand to discuss the look of the film and (unfortunately, unphotographable) art from the film was entered in the Art Show. The film was selling swiftly in the dealers' room, especially to North Americans who will be among the last to see the film because of a rights issue with the Sci-Fi Network, who released the execrable live-action mini-series based in the same world created by Ursula K. Le Guin (as a fan of her works, I am at once excited and scared to watch the entire film based on her reaction). Although , I am not so sure about the overall direction of the film given the very public tensions between Miyazaki father and son, one thing I do know is that the dub will be superb, as it has been overseen by John Lasseter. I'll crack it open soon and see how it goes.

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Hello from Montreal, winner of the 2009 WORLDCON. Noticed your seamonster anime.
Few years back I visited the computer Expo Impaku. There was a live cam on one site and it was half way around the world here in Montreal so I don't know what time it was there, but when I moved the camera near that fabled hot springs near Mount Fuji
a thing with two strange bulbous eyes looked up from a dark spot which might have been camouflage
and examined the camera intently!
There is a fabled creature that lives in those hot waters at the end of the largest artesian stream in the world! Curious how my chance encounter from half way around the world brought it out of hiding.

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