November 29, 2007
First things first: the new books that were added to the auction yesterday are seven-day auctions rather than the three-day auctions I previously mentioned. Go check them out.

Items originally listed in the charity auction end tomorrow (Friday). We didn't have time to write about each item, so you may want to take a last look at all of the items on the auction block.

I would like to draw your attention to some items that are harder to find:

  • The 1926 edition of the 1922 book Animated Cartoons by E.G. Lutz. While you can find this book as reprint, this is as much a piece of animation history as a piece of early animation. J.J. Sedelmaier generously made the first donation to our auction before the last one had ended.
  • The Art of Disney 2006 Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition catalogue is a gorgeous book, with reproductions of some remarkable art from Disney's golden age. In English and Japanese. The DVD version of this catalogue and posters from the 2007 Montreal leg of the Once Upon A Time Walt Disney exhibition are also in the auction.
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