November 26, 2007

This year's charity auction features Pixar goodies in almost every category. There are no DVDs, but we figure you have every one already, including the Pixar Shorts Films Collection Volume 1 (or someone has it on your gift list).

Pixar Renderman donated the 2007 edition of their walking teapot and tin, with a little chef's hat as a nod to Ratatouille. This is pretty hard to find, and the starting bid for this item is only $5.

Raincoast Books has donated several Pixar art books, including The Art of Ratatouille and the recently released To Infinity and Beyond! The starting bid for these books are $10 each.

Gary Rydstrom was nice enough to sign a poster at the Platform International Animation Festival for Lifted. The starting bid on another hard to find item is just $5.

There are more items from Pixar in our auction listings this year. You'll find them all in Books, Figures, Posters and Miscellaneous categories.

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Charity Auction 2007: The Shorts
Charity Auction 2007: Hellboy Animated Statue



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