November 24, 2007
This year's charity auction includes donations from the National Film Board's library of acclaimed films. We discussed the awesomeness of Madame Tutli-Putli, The Danish Poet and Ryan in the past, and now you can own a copy and give to a good cause.

Steadfast donors 3D Total have donated their annual collections of CG shorts, The Shorts Drawer, for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, each featuring the best animation submissions they have received for each year.

The music label Ninja Tune, has donated DVDs of music videos, including animated contributions, in addition to their backlist of Zen TV (featuring Monkmus' Basin Street Blues and Fender Bender videos for Kid Koala, and the Pinball Number Count many grew up with on Sesame Street) and Mr. Scruff's Sweetsmoke videos (animated by Mr. Scruff), they've donated the Coldcut video and remix collection, Sound Mirrors. The duo Coldcut started the Ninja Tune label in the 90s, and for their latest project they decided to leave the reins to a different director for each song of their most recent album of the same name.

The result yielded videos which were almost entirely of the animated variety, and each is very different. My favourites are This Island Earth (Joel Trussell, who also directed War Photographer), Colours The Soul, and the pixillated State We're In.

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Charity Auction 2007: Hellboy Animated Statue

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