December 21, 2007
The final payments for this year's charity auction are settled and we will be presenting a cheque to The Cancer Research Society for CDN$1440.99.

Bidders paid CDN$1628.72, and after PayPal and eBay fees of CDN$57.74 and US$129.99, a tidy sum was raised for this year's reader-selected organization in just one week.

Bidding was down from last year when we passed the $2000 dollar mark, but 2007 represents the second-highest total in the four years that we have been conducting the auction.

It is particularly fitting that the money was raised for a charitable organization related to cancer research this year. Emru experienced difficulty finishing the tasks for the auction this year due to a mystery ailment in the last two weeks. On Tuesday, he was diagnosed with leukemia (in its early stages) and today he begins treatment. Cancer research and prevention is everybody's issue, as the whole team at fps is being reminded right now. I sincerely thank you for supporting this effort.

Special Thanks

THE CHARITYThe Cancer Research Society endorsed this auction. Quebec Events Coordinator Elizabeth Bosina made the entire process a pleasure. Thank you.

We received some lovely items this year. There was something for everybody. We put out the call, and diverse people and organizations answered. Thank you.

René Walling
Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (WFAC)

Those who bought donated to a worthy cause and acquired some excellent bargains. I hope you enjoy all of your items! Thank you.


I'm glad we could raise a healthy amount of cash for those who need it. And again, best wishes to Emru.

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