April 9, 2008

So let me get this straight: According to this Washington Post article from March 30, NBC's Qubo Saturdary-morning block is offering its young viewers the "opportunity" to make shorts featuring the twins and maybe get them on the air. And this is an opportunity for who, exactly?

Here's the deal. Kids visit the Zimmer Twins site and, with parental permission, sign up to make mini-movies using their assets, either by adding speech balloons to prefab animation or making their own from scratch. The most popular of those bubble up to form the Must-See Movies list, and from those two will be chosen every month to air on Qubo. Asked about the mini-movies themselves, Qubo prez Rick Rodriguez is quoted as saying, "What I just love ... is that they tell so much about the personality of the kids who make them."

Maybe. I think what you really love is fresh and proven content without having to pay pesky writers, directors and animators.


I can assure you there is a team of artists, animators - and yes - writers behind the Zimmer Twins. We developed the project because if we were 10 years old this is the kind of thing we'd love to do - and it looks like the kids agree. :)

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