May 22, 2008
Late last year we reported that the town of Spring Lake, Michigan, birthplace of animation pioneer Winsor McCay, was mulling creating a monument and an animation festival to honour their local boy who'd made it big. While they haven't quite got to the monument and they've ditched the inaccurate label of "birthplace of animation" for the town, they are going ahead with a festival of sorts. July June 17 will be the first Winsor McCay Day as part of the Spring Lake Heritage Festival. As expected, there will be a Winsor McCay Film Festival in the evening, featuring McCay's short films and John Canemkaer's Remembering Winsor McCay documentary.

Like any good film festival, they also encourage activities about films beyond just watching them. Preschoolers will be able to make their own stuffed Gerties, and older kids and adults can enjoy an introduction to McCay and his work as well as a drawing class. You can find out more about the festival and Spring Lake on the organizing committee's blog.

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Heads up... The article had bad info... Spring Lake's Heritage Festival is in JUNE. McCay Day is JUNE 17.
Thanks, Morpheus. I corrected the post.

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